Here at Haute Tan we did recently start offering Eyelash Extensions and we are just so excited! 

We use top brand, Synthetic Mink lashes for the most comfortable and naturally looking Extensions. 




Your eyes are usually the first thing someone will notice about you, so why not give them something to say "wow"! Because when you look good you feel good and people will just be begging to know how you do it! 


You can save so much time in the mornings when you have eyelash extensions on, less hassle to deal with mascara that nevers gives you the full long effect that you dream of and crave, plus you'll be saving money! Alot of peope feel they don't need to wear as much make-up on with lash extensions cause they give you that confident boost instantly! 


About our Adhesive


Our Platnium Plus Adhesive features a thin, smooth consistency and fast bonding time. It uses a rubber component to increase flexibility and bond length leaving it with an overall glossy finish. It sets in just 2-3 seconds and has up to a 6-8 week hold time with proper care and maintenance and it is Latex and Formaldehyde free.



We offer two different styles, Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes













Before & After





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